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City of Simpsonville Citizen Survey


            Hello, our names are Dr. Joey Budd and Dr. Dale Wilson.  We are Associate Professors of Criminal Justice at Campbellsville University. We are currently studying crime and community issues in Simpsonville, Kentucky. In conducting this research, we believe it is important to know the views of the citizens to fully evaluate these issues. 

            Your participation in this research is voluntary and all answers will remain anonymous. We ask that you answer each of the questions below; however, if you feel uncomfortable answering any question, simply leave it blank. The completion of this survey will be taken as your consent to participate. To protect your privacy, DO NOT write your name or other identifying information anywhere on this survey. Questions regarding the conduct of this research may be directed to Dr. Susan C. Howell, IRB Administrator, Campbellsville University, (270)789-55279 schowell@campbellsville.edu. Please return the completed survey to the city hall or you can go online to http://www.cityofsimpsonvilleky.com and complete the survey. We ask that you only complete one survey, but anyone in your household over the age of 18 may complete a survey.


Any questions, comments, or suggestions may be directed to Dr. Budd directly at jrbudd@campbellsville.edu or by telephone (502) 753-0264 X6008.


I Agree and wish to take the survey.      I do not wish to take the survey.